Frequenty Asked Questions

What Dosage of CRONaxal should I be using?

As a "medical food", CRONaxal dosage is assigned by your doctor.  We can provide you with a serving suggestion for this medical food:
-- 500 mg oxaloacetate (five 100 mg capsules) with breakfast
-- 500 mg oxaloacetate (five 100 mg capsules) with lunch
-- 500 mg oxaloacetate (five 100 mg capsules) with dinner.

Do you ship CRONaxal Internationally?

"Medical Foods" are a unique regulatory category within the United States.  If you need delivery outside of the United States, we suggest you have our "Nutritional Supplement", "benaGene" shipped.  We will contact you about this if you have a shipping address outside of the USA.  Like CRONaxal, benaGene contains 100 mg oxaloacetate per capsule, and is routinely shipped around the world.  Currently we do not ship to Singapore.  Note that International Shipments may take up to three weeks to receive, and may be subject to additional import duties by your customs office.

I would like to see the entire label

Can CRONaxal be used with other treatment therapies?

Yes, however if you are in a clinical trial, you should check with the clinical trial director.